About Us

Introduction of the Technology Incubation Center

Newly established companies, despite their small size, take part in technology development and play an effecting role in technology creation and entrepreneurship activities. The substantial costs associated with starting and running small companies usually exceed their financial resources and the lack of experience to overcome other initial obstacles put the success of these companies in question. These entities usually encounter other unexpected or high risk conditions jeopardizing their future success. The risks and lack of prospects are so real that many high caliber and potentially capable individuals, such as university graduates, hesitate to participate in establishing private technology based companies.
The establishment of the Technology Incubator Center aims to remove possible obstacles and reduce the inhibiting factors which impede the inception of the Technology Startups. By providing the necessary support and services, the Center plays an important and effective role in the successful set up of the Startups and increases the optimism for their progress. The Technology Incubator Center at the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technologies (IROST) was officially established in 2004 to achieve this mission.
This Center, backed by the vast experiences of IROST in providing invaluable support to researchers involved in applied and development studies, has based its agenda on supporting newly established entities by providing general services and scientific/technical consultancy. Hence, the Center has become a place for stabilizing, strengthening, and implementing the central ideas of the Technology Based Companies, with the aim of providing high tech products and services needed in the country.

Missions of the Technology Incubator Center in Line with IROST’s Framework

  • Establishment of a nurturing environment to promote the organization of the Technology Based Entities
  • Providing scientific, technical, and financial support plus other facilities to inventors and innovators in the country
  • Strengthening and encouraging technology development activities carried out by the private sector
  • Supporting the completion of the research to production stages in which the new technical findings are applied effectively

Objectives of the Technology Incubation Center

  • Preparation of the required ground for commercialization of achievements in line with objectives of the Center
  • Setting the ground for promoting entrepreneurship, and supporting the innovation and creativity of young researchers in the country
  • Providing assistance that results in the prosperity of the local economy based on technology
  • Creation of the necessary environment for expansion and growth of small and medium knowledge based Startups active in various areas of technology
  • Preparing the groundwork for creation of job opportunities for attracting entrepreneurs and university graduates in various fields of technology
  • Supporting the production and development of marketable products and technological processes

Available Facilities

  • Financial and credit support
  • Suitable office and workshop areas
  • Affiliated laboratories
  • Laboratories located at IROST’s various research institutes
  • Scientific consultancy and supervision by experienced scientific staff and experts
  • IT services
  • Introduction the Startups to available training courses and specialized tech shows / exhibitions
  • Introduction the Startups to tech markets and the law concerning the maximum usage of Iranian technical and engineering capabilities
  • Provision of support for obtaining official certification from IROST after the execution of the central idea